Blog and Commenting Guidelines

Spirit and audience of this blog:

The author of this blog is an accountant that upgrades technology regularly, but cultural references are typically stuck in the '80s.

This blog is written by an accountant for accountants. (i.e. a general familiarity with accounting terms may be helpful.) The goal is to encourage a discussion around the evolution of this space as it relates to accounting and move the industry forward.

This blog is intended to be informational and educational, however, should not be considered tax, legal, financial, or investment advice.

We are all novices in this space. If we are passive and silent, we risk losing our opportunity to contribute. Ask, engage, risk being wrong; for that is how we grow and learn.

Guidelines for posting comments:

Be kind.

Be respectful.

Posts that contain the following are likely to remain unpublished:

  • Spam and self-promotion
  • Foul language
  • Comments/promotions surrounding a specific organization, project, or currency.
  • Social/Political debate (i.e. if it is a topic that we cannot fit into T Accounts, it may not get published.)