Our customers are sole practitioner CPA firms or small accounting and tax preparation firms with clients involved in cryptocurrency, alternate payments, and blockchain technology.

During this time of uncertainty and demand for services outpacing accounting software capabilities, let us be your crypto and blockchain department.

Some examples of the types of services we offer:


Alt Payment Payroll

Have your clients paid employees and contractors in virtual currency or tokens? The IRS advises that use of convertible virtual currency may result in a tax liability. We will assist in converting and calculating the payroll tax liability.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

The public, decentralized blockchain does not excuse one from bookkeeping to comply with state and federal reporting requirements. We can help account for the additional decimal places legacy software may leave behind.

Consulting and Research

We are happy to deliver a range of additional services, such as:  assistance with accepting alternate payment forms, exchange rates, calculating basis, navigating a blockchain, or providing research for emerging questions.